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The Filipino Noodle Joint

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You take the first bite. It is crispy, crackling and the taste is exquisite; an explosion of flavors. It can take any chef to make good food, but to prepare the authentic, delicately delicious Filipino flavors require an innate talent such as Louwella's cooking. From the saucy Filipino Spaghetti to the mouth-watering coolers & juices, to the coconutty Cassava Cake, Louwella’s mastery of the Filipino dishes is as diverse as the archipelago itself. And it’s only at Filipino Noodle Joint that you have the chance to taste her colorful recipes.


When still young, Louwella was immediately drawn to her father’s cooking; the meticulous way he would prepare the ingredients, his patience, and the punctuality. Soon, the aroma from the kitchen began to tease and flirt with her taste buds. And when her father finally taught her how to cook, a whole new world of tastes, aroma, and adventures opened up to her. Cooking instantly became her passion, a platform to express her creative ingenuity. Since then, she has dedicated her life to the perfection of this art. To Louwella, food is to not only fill our bellies but also to satisfy our hearts. Her recipes are guaranteed to remind you of friends, family, and life.


The Filipino Noodle Joint, a fast-food take-out restaurant, Louwella jointly opened with her Partner Kyle Roberts, has fast become the favorite of Torontonians, now located in Vancouver. As Louwella herself is a healthy lifestyle enthusiast, she mostly employs the blanching technique in vegetable preparations to retain the nutrients, color, and texture, and for meat-based recipes, she employs the sauté technique. Who said healthy eating involves only eating broccoli? Further, the Filipino Noodle Joint is an efficient take-out joint, making it convenient for you to take the delicacies wherever your friends and family are.

Filipino Noodle Joint brings you dishes you wouldn’t want to try once, and at a fair price. Marking important occasions with food and celebrations is an important aspect of the Filipino culture, this is aptly reflected in the diverse menu of the Filipino Noodle Joint. Pancit Canton dish for birthdays, Beef Tapa for family get-togethers, Pork Spring Rolls for casual treats. And that is just the beginning of your food adventure!


Wherever you go, take Filipino Noodle Joint dishes with you and preserve moments and memories with exquisite tastes.

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